Our Story

Our Story

Started in the busy streets of India, Fragmento gets its notes from the roots of the fragrance world. We study the scent preference of different people in different places to make a unique note of fragrance for them.

Here at Fragmento International, we make fine quality attar, perfume and bakhoor. Our fragrances are carefully crafted to get a unique note of fragrance which lasts long.

Fragmento International is a company that specializes in selling essential oils and perfume attars. Fard fragrances is their trademarked brand which is famous for its exquisite blending of scents. Our business employs the most talented perfumers from around the India to create our wide range of products. From traditional attars to niche quality oils, Fragmento International has something for everyone's taste.

Our Famous Brands -

Fard Fragrances has unique set of Attar and Bakhoor for people looking for a rich and long lasting aroma with a pocket friendly price.