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Started in the busy streets of India, Fragmento gets its notes from the roots of the fragrance world. We study the scent preference of different people in different places to make a unique note of fragrance for them.

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No sense is more intense than scent.

All you need are the greatest perfumes and fragrances to complete your outfit, enhance your personality and aura, and set the mood or occasion.

Our Bakhoor

Our Bakhoor is a luxurious, scented incense that will make your home smell amazing! It's perfect for relaxing after a long day or before bed. The sweet and floral scent of Our Bakhoor will help you unwind and fall asleep peacefully.

Our Perfumes

We at Fragmento are aware of our customer's tastes and serve them effectively.

Our Quality

Our Quality Policy

Fine quality fragrances which are carefully selected and blended by professionals to soothe your senses. Apply our Concentrated Perfume Oil on your pulse points to get an irresistible note of fragrance which last longer.

Fard Attar is a traditional perfume created by the people of the Middle East. It has been used for centuries as an essential part of societal life because it carries with it memories, conversations, dreams, ambitions and feelings. The word "fard" means "to make something happen" in Arabic, and is derived from the verb فَرَّد (farraada), which means to make something different or unique.

The tradition of bakhoor is very old. It was originally used as an amulet to ward off evil spirits, but now it can serve as an everyday scent or decoration. When lit, the fragrance of the bakhoor will fill your home with a warm and welcoming scent.

Fine Quality Fragrances which are carefully selected and blended by professionals to soothe your senses.